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Under the Seabelo Group of Companies, a new franchise business unit was introduced named Seabelo Travel & Tours.
Seabelo Travel & Tours was incepted in May 2007 specifically to target the tourism and leisure travel segment. Although Seabelo’s Express had been partly undertaking leisure travel, there was no real focus on the tourism sector. Tourism and transport compliment each other. There needs to be a good transport infrastructure, network and reliable mode in order for the tourism industry to thrive in any given market.
Seabelo Travel & Tours is positioning itself to be the market leader in Botswana, through years of experience and research.
We currently have fully fledged luxury coaches which provide amenities such as airconditioners, toilets, reclining seats with seat belts, kitchenette, TV, DVD and CD players as part of the on board features.
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Though relatively new in the travel & tours sector, Seabelo travel & tours has for the past years competitively carved its way into the transport industry, thus mobilizing a sustained capacity to operate even on a diversified environment.
This has immensely contributed to Seabelo Travel & Tours growing and anticipated competitive edge in local and regional markets.
We therefore believe our understanding of the transport industry and combined industry expertise enables us to tackle challenges and take advantage of opportunities arising from both micro and macro environments.
Business And Financial Consultants
John Hinchliffe Consultants
Company Secretary
BDO Spencer Southern Africa
Armstrong’s, Minchin and Kelly
Financial Institutions
Barclays Bank of Botswana
Standard Chartered Bank
First National Bank
Industry Associates
Botswana Tourism Board
Hotel & Tourism Association Botswana (HATAB)
Mokolodi Nature Reserve
Seabelo Group has a comprehensive insurance policy cover for its fleet, workman’s compensation, buildings and other assets with Mutual and Federal. The company’s insurance brokers are Alexander Forbes.
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