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Travel Packages
Travel Packages
Airport-Hotel Shuttles
Seabelo Travel and Tours offers one of the best and hastle-free airport transfers. We conveniently arrange for hotel and airport transfers.
Corporate Business Packages
This package is designed for firms that wish to outsource their transportation requirements. We provide business travel for staff for various activities such as workshops, meetings, conferences, sporting events etc.
Community/Social Welfare Travel
In support of our transport business, we also offer community and social welfare travel. We aim to provide professional and organised travel packages for communities with diverse travel needs.
Various corporations are engaged in all kinds of travel in their quest to fulfill their social welfare program. Seabelo Travel & Tours provides firms with travel packages that are tailor-made to suit their needs.
Church Travel
Different churches and religious denominations have various travel needs. We have put together a package to cater for their growing needs i.e. assisting various groups by transporting them to their local and regional meetings, festivals, special events, e.t.c
Tertiary/Education Packages
Education and academic travels is one of Seabelo’s unique products. This package is designed for educational/academic institutions i.e primary, secondary schools and higher education institutions that wish to travel to various destinations in Southern Africa for study purposes.
We offer vacationer trips to various groups that wish to engage professionals in their travels.Tourists locally & internationally can arrange bookings as we also cater for the tourism & hospitality sector.The package is designed to offer luxury, comfort, affordability and uniqueness for each group.
International Trips
Seabelo Travel & Tours is expanding its horizons by providing clients with hastle-free transfers within Southern Africa. Aside from Botswana, countries that Seabelo are able to connect with include South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. (* Visa's required on certain passports)
Professional Sports Teams
Seabelo Travel & Tours has built a reputation as a market leader in Botswana. The latest feature offered to clients is assisting sports teams in meeting their schedules. We cater for various sports teams including, Rugby, Football/Soccer, Basketball, Badmington & Cricket.
Fleet Specifications: Seabelo Travel & Tours has a large fleet of vehicles with varying carrying capacity and luxury features
IRIZAR Volvo B10R 54 Seats DVD, Toilet, reclining seats, air conditioning, kitchenette & CD+Radio
BUSSCAR Volvo B12R 70 Seats DVD, Toilet, reclining seats, air conditioning, kitchenette & CD+Radio
IRIZAR Volvo B10R 67 and 69 Seats DVD, Toilet, reclining seats, air conditioning, kitchenette & CD+Radio
M/Benz Sprinter 22 Seats Air conditioning & CD+Radio
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