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News & Travelling Tips - Voyage Information
Travellers should take note that when boarding a Seabelo coach, if you are carrying extra luggage you will be required to obtain a luggage ticket which has a verified number on it. This ticket receipt is (free of charge) and is intended to reduce the chances of lost luggage, and if lost it makes recuperating it slightly easier. The ticket also has vital information such as contact details of Seabelo management.
Minors under the age of 12 and infants are prohibited to sit at the front two rows of the bus as this is a hazard; furthermore this rule applies to all parents who travel with children. This is a regulatory procedure raised by the Ministry of Transport & Road Safety (Botswana). Passengers are also advised to wear seatbelts at all times.
Fares for Minors
Children under the age of 5 travel free of charge, and those aged between 6 – 12 are charged of half price.
Personal Safety
Travellers are advised to pay close attention to their goods and should not at anytime leave their luggage unattended. Passengers should not be deceived by local street vendors into leaving their personal possessions with them, as the organisation will not be liable for the loss of personal possessions due to negligence by passengers. Seabelo Group travellers are strongly advised to be vigilant at all times.
Price of Bus Fares
*All ticket pricing in Botswana is subject to regulations by the Botswana Government and the Ministry of Transport division. Prices can and do change, this can be due to external variables such as inflation and oil prices subject to Ministry of Mineral Resources & Energy. Seabelo Group or any other private transport operator does not set ticket prices in Botswana.
Current Government Regulated fares Currency Exchange rates (as of January 2010)
Francistown – Maun (vice versa); BWP 87.00 USD $ 12.80
Gaborone – Francistown (v v); BWP 76.00 USD $ 11.20
Gaborone – Selebi-Phikwe (v v); BWP 70.60 USD $ 10.40
Gaborone – Serowe (v v); BWP 56.00 USD $ 8.25
Gaborone – Ramotswa (v v); BWP 5.70 USD $ 0.80
Gaborone – Lobatse (v v); BWP 12.60 USD $ 1.85
Gaborone – Ghanzi (v v); BWP 114.60 USD $ 16.85
*Above prices are for Seabelo National Routes only, currency accepted is BWP only.
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